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"Complete workforce health care services to meet and exceed regulatory requirements."
Health Promotion and Wellness

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Health Promotion and Wellness Services

Attendance control and disability management programs without health promotion and wellness programs are not likely to have optimal affect. A comprehensive occupational health service today infers a full commitment to wellness programs.

The Occupational Health Nurse or Health Care Provider who has responsibility in this area will deliver wellness programs, health educational and counseling programs. Other programs, such as substance abuse policy and treatment programs, critical incident and stress management policies, employee immunization programs, AIDS awareness, weight reduction, smoking cessation programs, BP monitoring clinics, cholesterol-lowering programs, etc. should all be included.

Workplace Drug Testing

AOMS provides pre-employment and random drug and alcohol testing to clients following U.S. DOT procedures for workplace drug testing. DOT drug screening is performed according to provisions of 49 CFR Part 40 amended on August 19, 1994 by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Non-DOT drug testing requested by clients will be conducted following the same procedures as the DOT-mandated specimen even though the client may not be required by law to follow such regulations. AOMS believes that in order to ensure the integrity of the collection and the collection process, these specific procedures must be followed in all drug screening collections.

A random, unbiased selection procedure using a computerized selection process is available and collections can be performed in the workplace or in most areas of Newfoundland and throughout Canada and the United States. Drug analysis will be conducted by a DOT-certified laboratory and results will be available within a 48 hour time frame.

In addition, a Medical Review Officer (MRO) will contact all positive employees by telephone to discuss the test findings and will discuss the results with the employer. AOMS believes that in order to comply with the chain of custody conditions, legislative and ethical requirements for drug testing, it is important that the donor be treated with dignity at all times during this sensitive sampling procedure. As much as possible, the donor will be provided with privacy while ensuring the collection sample has not been contaminated. All donors will be provided with an information sheet prior to the test and will sign a consent confirming that he/she understands the procedures and gives permission to the sampling. Employees refusing to participate in the drug testing will be requested to sign a "Refusal of Testing" document and the collector will immediately notify the employer of the refusal.

Executive (Comprehensive) Health Assessment 

The Executive (Comprehensive) Health Assessment identifies risks and early signs of disease, deals with current medical and health concerns, and provides in-depth guidance and recommendations for optimal health and lifestyle goals.  A combination of three programs; Workplace Health Risk Assessment (WHRA), Personal Health Assessment (PHA) and a Fit 4 Health Aerobic Capacity Assessment, provide the comprehensive picture of an individual's health lifestyle.

The Workplace Health Risk Assessment (WHRA) consists of a series of questions related to physical health, wellness, worksite satisfaction and organizational change.  The Personal Health Assessment (PHA) consists of a personal health risk appraisal, relevant family and personal medical history, nutritional and lifestyle review, and a thorough physical exam.  A carefully selected series of laboratory and radiology tests are completed in advance of the health assessment in order to present a complete health picture for the client at the time of the medical.

Fit 4 Health is an aerobic capacity and fitness assessment which evaluates the individual's overall fitness.  It involves dynamic testing through a 12-minute 'sub maximal' graded exercise test, body composition analysis, strength and flexibility testing and spirometry (lung function testing).  A computerized fitness profile plus one-on-one interpretations and consultations are provided.

At the conclusion of the Executive (Comprehensive) Health Assessment a written report is provided to you.  This user friendly report, including charts and specific information, provides details of health risks and a wellness profile, as well as a physician's report identifying any medical concerns that require follow-up or lifestyle change.  This report provides you the guidance you need to move forward to a healthier lifestyle.  Where appropriate and with client consent, a letter and details of all the findings are forwarded to the individual's family physician.

If desired, each program of the Executive (Comprehensive) Health Assessment can be offered and administered separately, depending on the needs of the individual or corporate plan.

Workplace Health Business Case

In today's competitive marketplace, promoting, protecting and inspiring employees to attain and maintain good health is a care value of high-performance organizations.  These organizations recognize that investing in the "good health practices" of the individual employee will improve productivity and help reduce healthcare costs while creating a healthier workplace.  In addition, promoting individual wellness throughout the organization will decrease the demand on healthcare benefits, reducing costs associated with insurance, prescription drugs and lost productivity due to complex treatment programs and/or lost time due to illness.

There is a relationship between the cost of presenteeism, absenteeism, productivity loss, medications and disability claims as they relate to personal health practices and job satisfaction.  Research shows that when we compromise on either of these issues we are at greater risk of illness and chronic disease.

Healthy organizations value healthy employees.  They actively promote employee wellness through initiating programs that support individual and group efforts to live healthier, balanced lives.  Studies have proven that dollars spent on wellness promotion is money well spent.  For every dollar spent on creating a healthier organization, between three and nine dollars are returned on this investment within five years.

Workplace Health Risk Assessment (WHRA) 

The Workplace Health Risk Assessment (WHRA) is comprised of a series of questions related to physical health, wellness, worksite satisfaction and organizational change.  The WHRA is unique in the workplace health sector.  It is the only tool capable of assessing both personal health practices and job resilience.  Developed by a multidisciplinary team of doctors, kinesiologists and organizational health experts, WHRA has been evaluated for reliability, validity and interpretability by researchers at the University of Calgary.

Key findings, including individual risk profiles and guidelines for appropriate changes, are provided to each employee upon completion of the WHRA.  Employees identified as having high risk factors are provided with a personal consultation to ensure they are aware of important risks and the alternatives available to mitigate the risks.

Other Health Promotion Services

Other services offered by AOMS include:

Supervision and provision of site/field R.N.'s.
Supervision and provision of all Clinical Nursing Policies, Procedures and Standing Orders.
Interaction with WCC together with all medical and community services on behalf of employer/employee to facilitate occupational health and emergency medical services.
Design of first aid, sick bay stations for field locations.
24-hour emergency on call physician support to client and/or field medical services.
Liason with hospitals/consultants to follow up on management and progress of seriously injured employees.
First Aid and CPR training for the workplace.
Specialized First Response Team training to meet the particular requirements of each industrial setting.
Hygiene and Catering Inspections.
International Travel Clinic services for travel counseling, vaccinations and immunizations.
Sick bay design

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