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"Complete workforce health care services to meet and exceed regulatory requirements."
Services - Liason with Medical Community

Physician - Patient Relationship

It is our experience that liaison with the medical community and in particular with family physicians is to their satisfaction, and that they appreciate our methodical approach to occupational health issues. We are always very cognisant of, and careful not to disturb the physician/patient relationship in the general health care system. Furthermore, we appreciate the need for employees to feel comfortable with independent medical assessments and employees, from the outset of each individual assessment, are fully informed of the nature of the assessment, the handling of medical information and the purpose of the assessment. In this regard, AOMS can work with the existing occupational health department, or HR department as appropriate to produce a booklet or pamphlet describing the occupational health department of the client company and how it operates, for the information of employees.

Our Views

AOMS believes that it is important that all plans and/or intent for changes, or new developments within the occupational health department should be discussed and ratified with all parties involved. We believe it to be particularly important that such changes or developments are presented to company management and also to employee/union representatives for their ratification. It is essential that employees have confidence and comfort with any such change and that they appreciate the value to employees that is intended with an appropriate and ethical occupational health program.

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