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"Complete workforce health care services to meet and exceed regulatory requirements."
Industrial Site/Medical Nursing Services

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AOMS has been directly involved in the setting up of industrial site medical services for a number of years now. This includes various different sites including offshore oil rigs, the Hibernia Construction Phase, international projects, oil drilling projects in Africa, etc. Such services could include the presence of physicians, nurses and EMA's as well as sick bay administrative staff. AOMS can fully design and equip the individual sick bay to include protocols and procedures tailored to the industrial setting and its particular location. If any particular site does not require the services of a physician and nurses only are utilized, AOMS can provide 24 hour physician telephone consultation and standing orders to assist the site nurse at all times. This is accomplished through a well established paging system which has been in effect for an excess of 10 years at this time. If required and if a project is big enough, AOMS can develop a complete occupational health database so as to observe work related injury/illness trends as far as the project is concerned on a day to day basis. This assists greatly with the loss control and safety program. The site RN can provide routine general practice type care as well as emergency and trauma care.

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