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Pre-placement Medical Examinations:

Pre-placement medical examinations should be carried out, not only on all new hires, but also in the case of job transfer or significant job change during the term of employment. Such assessments will establish a baseline in employee health and in doing so, will identify previous health hazard exposures which will accommodate institution of baseline biological screening as per job description. This will also tend to identify specific groups associated with specific health hazard exposure and lead to the development of proper health surveillance programs for target groups of employees. These examinations will also determine fitness for job description, both for the performance of the job task as will as the safety of job task performance with regard to either personal injury or injury to co-workers.

Vision testing

These pre-placement assessments are standardized and the concept and examination methods will be presented in advance to management, employees and to labour representatives for ratification. The examining physician must be fully aware of the job description and of the anticipated health hazard exposures on the job. The examining physician must inform the employee of all findings of the examination and must initiate and ensure any further medical follow-up that is indicated as a result of the assessment with appropriate referral documentation, etc.

On completion of the assessment, standardized fitness classification forms are issued to be reviewed and cosigned for release by the applicant and then given to the applicant to bring to the appropriate human resources personnel. In this way, the principles of medical confidentiality are strictly upheld.

Periodic Medical Examinations/Health Surveillance Programs

It has been customary in the past, and until recently, to have standard protocol for the performance of periodic physician medical examinations. Today, health surveillance programs have, to a large degree, replaced this both on a cost effective and more productive basis. Results of initial biological screening, together with results of environmental monitoring as carried out by industrial hygiene, should dictate which groups of employees will require ongoing or periodic biological screening to monitor health hazard exposure effects. Periodic job specific health questionnaires and/or occupational RN evaluations are the more cost effective approach in this regard. AOMS physicians will be available to review these on the client's behalf.

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