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"Complete workforce health care services to meet and exceed regulatory requirements."
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From Canada's east coast to the tropics, Atlantic Offshore Medical Services has been providing quality industrial medical services in harsh environmental conditions since 1978. Our thorough screening process and depth of experience allow us to match every client with the right team of qualified medical personnel. We have the methods to ensure optimal health of the workforce and return to health of injured/ill personnel.

AOMS has extensive experience in setting up medical services for offshore oil rigs. This includes the design and establishment of sick bays and the provision of physicians, nurses, EMA's and sick bay administrative staff. Another service provided by AOMS is that of site response teams for medical emergencies at remote sites. AOMS also offers a wide range of occupational health/medical services to offshore industries. These services include occupational health audits for the assessment of occupational health and safety practices, pre-employment examinations, health surveillance programs, periodic medical examinations, independent medical examinations, disability management programs, health promotion programs, workplace drug testing, occupational therapy, vaccinations and immunizations.

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