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Services - Policy and Program Development

Occupational Health Audit

It is frequently necessary when becoming involved with a new client to conduct a full review of all existing aspects of the occupational health services in place in terms of policies, procedures, etc. as well as a review of current statistics concerning duration of disabilities, injury trends, etc. in order to understand the status and effectiveness of the overall program and to suggest prioritised areas for action.

It may also be necessary that a site survey (walkabout) be conducted by a Health-Hazard Evaluation Team. Such a team usually includes the occupational physician, the occupational nurse and the occupational health and safety officer together with a management or supervisory person from each department. The purpose of such a survey is to effect appropriate health hazard identification, recognition and control. It may be necessary to involve the discipline of industrial hygiene so as to appropriately define the required health surveillance programs to ensure optimal employee health. If there are sites/areas with high numbers of musculo-skeletal injuries, then an OT/Ergonomist will need to be included in the team. Our Occupational Medical Consultant works closely with committees to produce working recommendations for consideration by management which will include specific policies and programs for occupational health and safety as well as suggestions on how to centralize and consolidate components of the OH&S program as it exists today. Such an audit will focus on:

Review of Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Program Administration.
Review of Occupational/Medical Nursing services and associated programs.
Health Hazard Identification, Monitoring and Control Procedures.
The roles of Safety, Management and Supervisors in the Implementation of Occupational Health and Safety Policy.
Accident/Incident/Occupational occurrences, Investigation and Monitoring procedures.
Disability Management, Early Intervention and Early Return to Work programs. The roles of Occupational Medical Services and Human Resources.
Employee Benefit Program review.
Claims Management and Settlement Procedures.
Case closure, Integrated work capacity evaluations and the legal interface.
Commitment of senior Management, Supervisors and Employees in the company's Occupational Health and Safety Policy.

Risk identification, estimation, evaluation, control and communication will be an essential part of the occupational health and safety program.

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